Iron Condor – Vertical Spread X 2

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There is a vertical spread on either side of the iron condor strategy. Or, put another way, iron condors are actually just several vertical spreads – or credit spread – put together into one option trade.

The ‘Latter’ Iron Condor Adjustment.

The ‘Latter’ Iron Condor Adustment. To Learn More About This Adjustment
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There are two different types of vertical spreads. There is the debit spread which as it’s name implies takes a debit from the traders brokerage account when it is placed. Then there is the credit spread – which also as it’s name implies – gives the option spread trader a credit into their account when the trade is initiated.

The iron condor spread is comprised of two credit spreads – one on either side of the risk graph. There is the bull put credit spread positioned below where the current stock is trading at – then there is the bear call spread placed above the current stock or index or whatever other underlying is being used as the trading vehicle.

Here is a visualization of the trade – which as you will see could also be described as two separate credit spreads (vertical spread) :


1 Long 600 RUT Put
1 Short 610 RUT Put

1 Short 690 RUT Call
1 Short 700 RUT Call

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